Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Thank you to everyone who helped us raise $8,500 dollars this summer to donate to the HIV/AIDS Care Center in Puttur, India. We ended up raising exactly how much the last cottage cost. GOD works in some pretty awesome ways! We gave the check to GlobalNIM, who sent the money to Brother Henry, began the Good Shepard Mission in India many years ago, and is heading up the HIV/AIDS Care Center. Check out more information about the project at!

Also, as Kory and Ashley have gone down to college and I am in the midst of my crazy, extravagantly-busy senior year, it has been slow going getting everything up and running into a good schedule after the big event this summer. However, things are starting to slow down and my schedule is finally easing up. We are kicking things back into gear. And as always, if you see a globe, drop in your spare coins!



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