Monday, May 24, 2010

RE-ATTEMPT (event commercial)*
HELP BREAK AN OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD!!! (due to the awful weather on May 1st we are re-attempting the record on July 24th, still at the Riverwalk). Contribute to raising the most money for a charity in coins! Change It! has received the go ahead from Guinness Wp;rd Records to break an official world record! We are only initiating and organizing the attempt, however. WE NEED YOUR HELP! The current record is 152,217 GBP, just about 230,000 USD, all in COINS! There is absolutely no way a small number of people could achieve such a feat on their own. We need everybody's help. If everyone in tulsa donated only $1, we would more than double the record. Imagine if everyone in Tulsa and beyond donated even just 50 cents. This is an EASY way to make a HUGE difference in the HIV/AIDS battle.


July 24th, 2010
We are still in the planning stages, but for now bands will be playing from 1-8.


Jenks Riverwalk Crossing (West side of Arkansas River on E 96th St)


Change It! staff and volunteers will arrive around noon to begin set-up and collection of coins
From noon until 1PM coin collection will continue while others mingle along the Riverwalk as they wish
Bands will play a 40 minute set at the top of every hour beginning at 1
1--Sketches of Eden
2--Orange Light
3--Zeke Duhon
5--Corey White
6--John Moreland (sponsored by KMOD)
7--The Red Alert (sponsored by Z104.5 the Edge)

Bands will have merchandise tables
Change It! t-shirts will be on sale (a limited supply of event-specific t-shirts will be given away to anyone who makes a $10+ donation)

*thank you Kent Claggett and Dave Thomas for putting the video together, as well as GlobalNIM for the pictures and Anna Forehand for her voice.