Thursday, March 11, 2010

HELP BREAK AN OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD!!!!!! Contribute to raising the most money for a charity in coins!!
Change It! has received the go ahead from the official world record keeper* to break a world record! We are only initiating and organizing the record attempt however. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! The current record is 152,217 GBP, just about 230,000 USD, all in COINS! There is absolutely no way a small number of people could achieve such a feat on their own. We need everybody's help with this. If everyone in Tulsa donated only $1, we would more than double the record. Imagine if everyone in Tulsa and beyond donated just even 50 cents. This is an easy way to give just a little to make a gargantuan difference!


  • May 1st, 2010
  • 10AM-8PM
  • Background music starts at 2PM
  • Bands begin to play at 4PM


  • Jenks Riverwalk Crossing (West side of Arkansas River on E 96th St)


  • Change It! staff members will arrive at 10AM to begin set-up and collection of coins
  • From 10AM-2PM coin collection will continue while others mingle along the Riverwalk as they wish
  • Beginning at 2PM background music will be played (iPod or acoustic musician)
  • Bands will begin to play at 4PM. They will play for 40 minutes with 20 minutes in-between each band. Will play at 4, 5, 6, and 7PM and will be of four different varities in hopes of satisfying as many demographics as possible.

4--Family Church Praise Band, 5--T-Town Theory, 6--Paul Benjamin, 7--The Red Alert

KMOD is sponsoring Paul Benjamin. The Edge is sponsoring The Red Alert.

  • Bands will have merhandise tables
  • Change It! t-shirts will be on sale (a limited supply of event-specific t-shirts will be on sale)

*We are waiting for licensing approval from the organization, but we all know who the official world record keeper is. Also, there is a fee for using the trademarked title and symbol of around $600 for maximum usage. If anyone wishes to donate the full cost, or would like to support by giving any amount towards this, please let any one of the Change It! staff members know as soon as possible.